Buttonless Clock (Flute, Playdo)


Idea 1: Flute
My 1st idea is setting time by Flute. To set Hours, you play the flute with the specific key.
Here is the example: C(1), C#(2), D(3), D#(4), E(5), F(6), F#(7), G(8), G#(9), A(10), A#(11), B(12).
Fortunately, There are exactly 12 scales in the real world.
To set minutes, you play the flute as long as you would like to add minutes.
Example: Play it for 1 sec(Add 1 min), 2 sec(2 min), 3 sec(3 min)…..So, if you play the flute, you will see the number of clock minute is increasing.
Lets say the current time is 3:35 pm and you want it to be 9:44 pm. In this case, you play the flute for 9sec with G# key. Of course, you can take the breath any time you want.

Idea 2: Playdo
The second idea is Playdo. To set Hours, you pick the specific color of the Playdo and put it on the scale.
Pink(1), Red(2), Brown(3), Yellow(4), Blue(5), Violet(6), Black(7), SkyBlue(8), Green(9), White(10), Grey(11), Orange(12)
To set Minutes, you use as much playdo as you would like the minute number to be.
1g(1 min), 2g(2 min), 3g(3 min)…..

Example: to make 3:35 -> 5:44, you use 44g Green playdo, make someting and put it on the scale.


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