Assignment 2: Digital Clock with Dial and Switch

My proposal for the buttonless clock is a simple clock with a switch and a dial. The switch is on the back of the clock box and the dial is on the top. The switch has two directions. By changing the direction of the switch, the user can switch between display mode and setting mode. Once clock has been changed to setting mode, the dial will open and the user can use his finger to add minutes and hours for the clock.
For example, if the user rotates the dial clockwisely, time on the digital clock will increase. If the user rotates it anticlockwisely, time will decrease. After the user finishes the time setting, he could switch the clock back to display mode.

My idea for the design comes from a famous analog clock called 555. Our family used to use it for more than 10 years. When the clock stops, you use your finger to dial it to give it mechanical power so that it could start running. The feeling was that you are the controler of your time because you are physically connected to the clock. For this digital clock, as your finger is playing with the dial, you can see the time keeps changing as if you were the master of time.


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