Panel Slide or Rim Rotate Digital Clock

To get ride of this routing design, I plan to use slide panel for rectangular shape digital clock and rotate rim for round shape digital clock time adjustment.

The basic idea is following:
The digital clock has two layers:clock front panel and rear base.  There are two contacts (A and B) hiden in the
backside of the front panel or rim. One for hour adjustment and another for minutes adjustment. Correspondingly,
another contact C installed invisibly on the rear base.

If the user wants to change the hour, simply slide the panel to the right, or rotate the rim clockwise until contact
A touches contact C. Hold it and two seconds later, the hour starts to increase, once it reaches the set point,
release the contact and the hour is set.  Similarly, the opposite direction with contacts B and C can lead to
minutes reset.

The digital clock can return to the normal postion for time display when the hold if off.

MTI09Fall-Assign 2


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