Tangible Time

This clock uses two scales weighing metal ball bearings to determine the time. The Display is made up of a Transparent front panel behind which metal bearings accumulate as the day goes on. The bearings come from a reserve under the clock where they roll down a chute and are carried to the top the the display by a precision timed magnetic wheel. When each side of the clock reaches its limit the display empties just in time for the next hour or minute to be deposited.To adjust the time one has simply to add or remove  bearings from the face of the clock.

The alarm feature works in a similar way, there are two cups on the top of the clock (one reserve and one weighed) filled with bearings of many different weights and sizes. To set the alarm you simply adjust the weight in bearings in either cup and watch the readout on the main display adjusting the alarm time. Clock

Eventually you get a feel for how heavy an hour is.


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