Hit the gas!

While playing around with my two switches in the step and reset program, I thought it was neat how it would slowly speed up when you hit the step button.  I thought the reset button was a lot lamer, so I thought I’d make the reset button ‘decelerate’ the lights instead of just suddenly making them slow all at once.  This reminded me of accelerating and decelerating – like in a car, so I made my switches look like that.

Switches were pretty easy to make… I just folded up a piece of paper a bunch of times and wrapped both ends in foil.

Arduino Sketch: <a title=”Arduino Sketch: step reset” href=”http://code.arc.cmu.edu/~cheng/uploads/step_reset.pde&#8221; target=”_blank”>Step Reset</a>
Arduino Sketch: <a title=”Arduino Sketch: binary LEDs” href=”http://code.arc.cmu.edu/~cheng/uploads/binary_LEDs.pde&#8221; target=”_blank”>Binary LEDs</a>
Arduino Sketch: <a title=”Arduino Sketch: Mashup” href=”http://code.arc.cmu.edu/~cheng/uploads/mashup.pde&#8221; target=”_blank”>Mashup</a>

Arduino Sketch: Step Reset

Arduino Sketch: Binary LEDs

Arduino Sketch: Mashup

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