hugging switch

1. hugging switch

I approached this assignment in more of a sorytelling sense: the two red LEDs blink, representing the couple’s heartbeats. When the couple hug (making their hearts touch each other), their hearts beat faster.  When they fight (placing them back to back), the chemistry between the two disappears, the heart rate returns to normal speed.

hugging switch




Arduino Sketch: hugging switch

The other assignments are pretty much the same as what everyone did. But I do apoligize  for the unsteady focus of my camera and the noise it’s making. I had a hard time setting it up without a tripod…  

2. step LED 

Arduino Sketch: step LED

3. binary LED

Arduino Sketch: binary LED

 4. combined

Arduino Sketch: combined


2 Responses to “hugging switch”

  1. mark d gross Says:

    clever packaging of the exercise – love the paper people!

  2. Nice Switch. I love that story part their heart beat faster 😀

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