5. Treasure Hunt: What is … ? Where do I get …?

We’re building a project that needs these items: find them for sale on the Web; best total price  “wins”.   Provide a link to each part, and a price.  (due Oct 1)

Bend / flex sensor

Fabric/stretch sensor

Electroluminescent “wire” (EL-wire)

Alcohol sensor


Linear actuator

Fiber optic cable

Tiny potentiometer

Conductive fabric

Thermochromic paint/dye

Nitinol / shape memory alloy wire

Conductive paint

Neodymium magnets

Copper tape / copper foil

Tilt sensor

Peltier Junction

Here are a few places to start, but you will need to look further afield:







Extra “points” if you can describe a project that uses (all) these components!

Extra points for the most bizarre component (that can be used with an Arduino) that you can find.


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