Homework 4

Hey, here are videos of the demos of parts 1-3 of HW 4, along with links to the code.  A link to the code for the 4th part is at the bottom.  I turned out all of the lights in my apartment and put some bubble wrap over the LEDs for the videos.  It doesn’t really “blend” the light necessarily, but gives a certain sense of space and diffusion which I liked.

code: http://code.arc.cmu.edu/~cheng/uploads/sketch_HW2_1.pde

code: http://code.arc.cmu.edu/~cheng/uploads/sketch_HW2_2.pde

code: http://code.arc.cmu.edu/~cheng/uploads/sketch_HW2_3.pde


Code for part 4: http://code.arc.cmu.edu/~cheng/uploads/sketch_HW2_3.pde

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