Assignment 4

For part 1, I programmed two leds to increase their brightness from off to the brightest and gradually decease to off. For part 2 and part 3,  I just made the standard circuits.

For part 4, I used a photoresistor as the sensor and keep track of the lowest value and highest value it receives.  The video I uploaded blurred and did not show clear display. So I wrote down the experiment results: the lowest value was 14 and the highest value was 45.

Part 1 “Pulse”:

Arduino Sketch: Pulse

Part 2 “Color Mixer” :

Arduino Sketch: ColorMixer

Part 3 “Pulsing Color Mixer”:

Arduino Sketch: Pulsing Color Mixer

Part 4 “Finding Sensor Limits”:

Arduino Sketch: Finding Sensor Limits


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