Flex Sensor ($13.35):

Stretch Sensor ($8.95):

Glow wire ($1.20/ft):

Alcohol Sensor ($4.95):

Solenoid ($15.88):

Linear Actuator ($34.00):–%235-1678_W0QQitemZ200317811424QQcmdZViewItem

Fiber Optic cable ($13.04/6ft):

Tiny 10K (Digital) Potentiometer ($1.61):

Conductive/Copper Polyester Fabric ($10.95/ft):

Thermochromic Paint ($22.99):–_W0QQitemZ270445279099QQcmdZViewItem

Nitinol ($2.70/ft):

Nickel Print Conductive Paint ($35.95/2oz):

Neodymium Magnets ($2.40 for 10):

Copper Tape ($7.49/roll):

Tilt Sensor/Accelerometer ($5.54):

Peltier Junction ($39.95/3):

I’m working on integrating a somewhat unusual thing into the next assignment. Hopefully I can get it working, but I need to do more research first. I don’t want to give it away yet.


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