Treasure Hunt

Bend / flex sensor: ($9.95)

Three different resistance range flex sensor, from 1k- 20k, 20k – 50k, and 50k- 200k. provide good description about how to DIY and sold two out.

Fabric/stretch sensor: ($5)

it has stretch sensor, but not with fabric.

For the above two bend/stretch sensor, a lot of website recommend DIY for your own purpose and shape. tells how to evaluate a stretch sensor.

Electroluminescent “wire” (EL-wire) ($1-1.4/feet)

tons of choices for different color and shape

Alcohol sensor ($4.95)

thanks for sparkfun..I am wondering where to use that? For house safety?

Solenoid ($0.99-2.75)

again, wide range and very different specs. Got to be careful when ordering.

Linear actuator ($7)

solenoid can be used as linear actuator.

Fiber optic cable ($2.5- 5.5)

depends on the length.

Tiny potentiometer ($0.08)

this website sometimes busy and can not be loaded. But the potentiometer is really tinny.

Conductive fabric ($1.95/ lin ft.), you can download technical bulletin. Different material, price varies a lot!! If you want to use one for cloth, good quality is recommended.

Thermochromic paint/dye ($44.99, 25 gram)

Aamazing effect.

Nitinol / shape memory alloy wire ($11.48)

Conductive paint ($9.34/21 ml)

it has different types, such as carbon, platinum.. 

Neodymium magnets ($ 0.79 for cup magnets)  tons choices.

Copper tape / copper foil ($7.49)  Copper foil tape can be applied to any surface and soldered

Tilt sensor ($1.00)

This website is tricky, need to re-input search for tilt sensor, but pricing is clear.

Peltier Junction ($14.95)  heat and cooling device. depends on power.

Total around: $118.51. LaLaLaLa. No shipping fee considered. you may argue with me since I get the lest quantity for some staffs.

Extra point:

Bizarre application with Arduino for toilet twitter:

Each time, when you’re flushing the toilet, a switch will be activated. Voila, a message is posting on the Twitter instantly!


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