Treasure Hunting and Some DayDreaming Late at Night

As long as, I don’t want to terrify you with a long list of items, which is readable only by students of this course, I have created a simple excel file, which contains item, price, link and other information. See the file yourself and by the way fell free to edit the file (Yes, the file is reachable and editable online just sign-up (select lite plan) using this link:

it is free and I assure you it is not an advertisement ) in order to improve our list of items.

As a bizarre sensor or devise eNose is a good technical example.

There is a commercial version of similar device , which you can find link in the excel spreadsheet.

Finally, a project where we can use all this stuff would be a tangible dance or theater scene. Suppose actors can perform magical lightning using bend sensors in their hand or stretch sensors in their customs that change EL-wires light. Using conductive paint or fabric on their body dancers or actors can trigger the backstage mechanisms which use solenoids, linear actuator, tiny potentiometer, shape memory alloy wire, neodymium magnets, copper tape, copper foil, tilt sensor, peltier Junction and all the other fascinating stuffs!!! and change the scene depending on their choreography or piece. A scene which may consists of thermochromic paint as a color effect using heat. And we can use alcohol sensor to detect artists and audiences who can not drive home after theater.

Anyway, here is the video inspired me (movie Moulin Rouge! is the another source. Just see both and let your mind fly in the MTI class. Enjoy your daydreaming.)

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