Assignment 5: Treasure Hunt

1) Flex Sensor 4.5’’ $12.95

2) Flexible Stretch Sensors $8.95

3) Electroluminescent Wire $11.99
CrazyPC Blue EL Neon Wire Kit

4) Alcohol Gas Sensor MQ-3 $4.50

5) Solenoid  $1.5


6)  Linear actuator $9.95

Miga NanoMuscle

7) Fiber optic cable        $0.68

Single Mode Simplex Cable

8) Tiny Potentiometer    $0.98

1K Ohm Mini Trim Potentiometer

9) Conductive fabric      $17.06
3M 9712 XYZ-Axis Electrically Conductive Tape

10) Thermochromic Paint      $22.99

Thermochromic Temperature Color changing paint

11) Nitinol Actuator Wire $10.35

12)Conductive Paint $7.50

13) Neodymium Magnet $8.72

14) Cooper Foil $1.09

15) Tilt Sensor $14.95

16) Peltier Junction $15.95

The most interesting device I found is the sensitive fingertips. It can be used by children and their piano teachers to visualize the difference between “p” piano(soft) and “f” forte(hard). People can see the strength of their fingertips on the screen when playing piano with the gloves.


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