MTI Assignment 6 – The Where Am I? Machine

A simple demo – bear with me; I had very little in the way of mechanical parts or know-how (and this was before our lecture on how to make paper gears and parts!). I destroyed a servo and many small pieces of acrylic to get to this stage. 😛 Hopefully my next motion project will be more sophisticated.

The “Where Am I?” machine is designed to be left on your desk when you are not around it in lieu of your physical presence. It lets you press a button before you leave to turn an arrow to point at one of four locations on a dial where you can currently be found (and lights up an externally powered tungsten light bulb each time the button is pressed.) The four possible locations you are cycled through using the button.

Schematic (made in Fritzing):

View this document on Scribd

Arduino Sketch: SolomonBisker_Assignment6


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