Assignment 6: Frownobot

Frownobot’s body is made up of a steam strainer (kind of a collapsible metal thing) and a light-up face. When the IR sensor detects a source (most likely from a TV remote), it runs a servo which turns the strainer until the remote control’s signal stops. If the servo turns too far and could twist the wires, Frownobot lights up his frowny face (to let the user know why it isn’t responding) and reverses direction.
Arduino board
A cardboard disk connects the little feet on the steam strainer to the servo shaft
Funny story about the strainer – when I was little, I would play with our strainer because the circular folding mechanism was just fascinating. My mom would always say, “you can’t play with that, it’s for the kitchen.” It was like Christmas morning when I found one for this project.
I originally wanted the strainer to be opened and closed by the motor, but I couldn’t find the right mechanism. Instead I added a bend sensor to the basket to detect whether a person has left it open or closed.
Dish and Remote
It looks like a jellyfish.
Code in comments. Servo, sensors, and LED are all wired directly to Arduino ports so the circuit diagram isn’t particularly interesting.


One Response to “Assignment 6: Frownobot”

  1. /* CODE */

    int motorVal = 300;
    int motorCount = 0;

    int frownLED = 3;
    int spinServo = 9;
    int dishOpen = 3;

    void setup()
    // set frown LED pin

    void loop()
    // check IR sensor for remote control
    int sensorVal = analogRead(2);
    if(sensorVal < 1015){
    // receiving signal
    if(motorCount < 50){
    // move up to half a second in this direction
    // frown for two seconds and reverse servo direction
    motorVal = 1024 – motorVal;
    motorCount = 0;
    //not receiving signal, don't move servo
    //check for signal every 0.01 seconds

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