(Under)powered, light sensitive, propeller driven thingamajiggy

So I had a brilliant idea of making a light activated flying object (and actually had a brushless motor + ESC ready), but those technically didn’t count as an external power circuit. So, I ripped the brushed DC motor out of the gearbox and attached a propeller to it. The motor is then powered by a 9V battery, and driven using a TIP120 transistor. The motor+prop assembly is then strapped to a box, which is then strapped to a breadboard.

On the arduino end, a light sensor connected to an analog in port, and is used to determine when to turn the motor on.


The motor was SEVERLY underpowered, and as you will see in the video, it moved ridiculously slowly across the table. If I had a burshed motor for powering an airplane, then it would be a completely different story…

Arduino Sketch: MTI_EX_6

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