assign 7: Dancing rose talks to approaching maple

I was planning to make a mechanical automaton which follows the diagram below.

Original scheme for the automaton

Original scheme for the automaton

When player rotate the crank on the right side of the box, it drives the spiral shape steel wires in the box. The rotating wire pushes the stem which supports the bottle toward the table. The bottle is supposed to hinge with the stem. When the bottle gets to the end of the distance, the support pillar goes to an eccenter/cam. So, it pushes up and the bottle pore out the water. At the same time, another rod release the rotation wheel under the table, so it gears with the crank. The table rotates horizontally while the crank vertically.

However, due to wrong material selection and rough processing, the stem supporting the bottle always falls from the eccenter… meanwhile, the wires does not provide enough push due to less rigidness.

The insider view:

inside guts

inside guts

So, after long time trial, I change the scheme to rose and maple.

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