Homework 7 – Playoffs

Since it’s playoff time, I decided to make a tribute to my least favourite baseball player. I built an automaton out of cardboard, foamcore, doweling, a straw, paper, and tape.

Entire Automaton

Two offset cams were cut out of cardboard (for up and down, side to side motion) and skewered with the doweling. The cams were stabilised with pieces of foam on either side, and the skewer was stuck through the sides of a cardboard box.

The cam follower was built out of foamcore, with a layer of foam underneath for friction, and a dowel.
Cam Follower

The cam follower’s doweling was inserted through the top of the box, and stabilised with a plastic straw, and the cams’ doweling went through the sides of the box. Tape was used to create friction between the doweling and the cams.


A dowel and cardboard handle was attached to the side doweling to create a handle for the automaton.


A paper hand was taped to the dowel attached to the cam follower, and a paper face with cardboard inside was taped next to it.


One Response to “Homework 7 – Playoffs”

  1. this a amazing project and i like the idea tht u had

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