Wire Toys

For the mechanical automaton, I bought some 20 gauge aluminum wire to make the parts, somewhat inspired by the ones shown in class (Arthur Ganson’s machines). I really like the fragile yet intimate feel of the machines.

As someone who works in code, this was more or less a failed experiment because I realized how hard it was to create gears using wire that work with each other. It was fine creating each part by itself but the alignment is very hard to achieve by just bending the wires. Nonetheless, I have a collection of parts that do interact and transform mechanical movement. I also spent a little time trying to create parts out of foam core.

I don’t have access to a camera right now but once I do, I’ll upload pictures of the little gadgets I created.


One Response to “Wire Toys”

  1. Intersting!

    Could 20 gauge aluminum be a bit too soft? Could you bring it to next class please?

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