Analog input-output

For the diffusion of light I used the water container of a small plastic water gun (if you went to activities fair you probably received one or a shot from one thanks to International Students Union 😛 ).

The video first:

Wiring for Dummies: Understanding your tools

Know what the Arduino board does and what everything on it is for! It’s not difficult, there isnt that much on it but be sure to understand the importance of all the different inputs. This problem was based off of a very simple problem, I was plugged into the wrong inputs when trying to control analog signals. Hey its the simplest problems that bring down buildings right? Well make sure if you want an analog signal, get into one of those PWM holes.

Ok thats all I really got for tools, everything else is understandable but I wanted to mention a couple other points for beginners that came in handy for me. Analog works funny in that the actual values of the signal are weird and hard to understand. Best way in the beginning is to constantly use a Serial.println(analogValue) to just find out where you are. A very helpful trick for coders and now wirer-ers (probably not the correct term…).

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