Treasure Hunt

I used Paul’s idea of a Google Spreadsheet. Here’s the link:

This was a great exercise to find out a couple things:

  1. it is very difficult to find the cheapest items. I absolutely did not succeed in finding the cheapest, and considering some of the search functions of these sites I would probably be spending $100’s more on some big projects if I were to actually buy all this stuff.
  2. Google is still awesome

My reviews of some of these sites:
Great site, very easy to use and find parts and especially to find some cool new parts. For our class purposes and really any beginner electrician/robot-maker this site would be recommended.
If this is the haven for hobby enthusiasts…I never want a hobby. Terrible cluttered site that has possibly the worst search function ever. I’m sure its useful for some but for someone quickly looking for some cheap gadgets I did not have the patience to sift through this stuff.

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