Brainstorming – Jump It/Hit It

Our group (myself, Melissa Acoste and Anthony Zhang) chose to brainstorm an idea for the playground.

We envisioned a semi-transparent rubber-esque cover stretched out over a large rectangular box filled with springs. The cover would probably be similar in feel and tension to a trampoline, and the springs in the box would act not unlike those in a mattress. These springs would be used to detect when pressure is pushed on a particular area of the rubber cover – and when the cover is pressed, an internal projector or other similar system would cause a colored blob to appear visually where the person has pressed. The size and shape of the blob would vary primarily with the force of the impact on the springs (with some element of randomness as well.)

This screen would be movable on a large hinge into both a flat position (to use ones entire body to “Jump It”) and an upright position (to “Hit it” with parts of ones body or with objects like baseballs) In this way, we see the same item taking on totally different uses depending on the child’s choice (and some joy is derived from the simple act of moving this thing on its giant hinge).


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