Button Box

So in robotics club we create robots. The caveat is that we also love to create robots that are utterly useless. That’s where this robot comes in.

The idea is a box that has a large red shiny button on it, that says “Push me!” Who could resist? But it’s not that easy…

The basic function is that it has a large button, and when you try to push it, the button retreats into the box, and a cover comes up to keep your pesky finger out of the box.

It is an example of a state machine that has 3 states:
-Wait: The box is chillin out, waiting for you to try to push the button
-Attempted: Hiding the button away, waiting for you to stop trying to push the button
-Bored: You haven’t tried pushing the button lately. I’m going to flaunt my button by shaking it at you.

The arduino code states how the system moves between the three different states:

Arduino Sketch: DontPressButton

The following diagram explains the mechanics (fairly simple, all motion is rigidly attached to servo output):

Mechanical Schematic

And the wiring diagram explains the electronics:

Wiring Diagram

And lastly some still shots:

Interal ComponentsPush Me!Nope!

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