“BillyMatic” is the name of this project. Designed to save energy, BillyMatic conveys messages about the living environment through its changing appearance. For example, when too much electricity is used to increase or decrease the temperature in the room, BillyMatic starts doing something such as wearing scarf or sweating. When the viewer notices this and adjusts the AC or heater, this person starts to smile in response to the change in temperature. When the viewer’s hand gets very close to the picture, BillyMatic displays the setting mode and the viewer sees the data information, such as current temperature, the percentage of energy being saved, the amount of money being saved, setting bar to adjust Max/Min Temperature.


How it works

– What the viewer will see is a picture of a figure in a frame, which is, simply the image on a computer monitor screen inside a frame.
– The interface and all the image animation will be built in Processing/Flash.
– The temperature sensor detects the temperature in the room in real time.
– The distance sensor detects the proximity of the viewer’s hand.
– Arduino enables communication between the sensors and the processing interface, and the motion of the viewer.


* temperature sensors*(1+alpha),
* distance sensors*4,
* a picture frame,
* an arduino
* a touch screen
* Leds

Weekly plan

week 1 – build the hardest part (with the video of me)
week 2 – finish prototype (with the model)
week 3 – finish 2nd implementation.(finish 95%)
week 4 – finalization


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