dr i p p l e

This project entails creating a dripping faucet that drips into a pool that creates a ripple effect.  The amount and speed of drips can be adjusted using an analog switch with a maximum flow and minimum drip range.  The drips from the faucet will be created using LED beads and conductive thread.  The ripple effect upon landing will be created by sequencing on/off states of concentric circles of LED beads.


sensor – analog (dial switch)
effector – strings of LED beads
Default state when handle is completely counterclockwise is slow drip descending
moderately slowly and creating 1 circle  upon landing. Turning the handle clockwise
will cause drips to fall more quickly, trigger more drips to fall and activate sequence of inner to outer rings to light up and respond according to position of dial/handle.  There is a minimum/maximum range of flow and ripple controlled by how far the dial can turn counterclockwise and clockwise respectively

Components required
Analog switch
LED beads
Conductive thread
Flexible tube for faucet pipe
Balsa wood to create handle
Glue to assemble faucet
Power supply (9v battery, case and connectors)

Week 1
acquire materials
initial draft if/then rules for LED drip & speed up sequence
Week 2
start assembling faucet, drip stream and ripple pool
assemble test string of LED beads
continue programming for LED drip vs stream
start programming LED ripple effect with string of LED
Week 3
continue writing/refining code for working prototype
arrange lights for final model (drip stream and pool)
Week 4
continue refining code for more realistic effects


One Response to “dr i p p l e”

  1. I did not understand how you will control a faucet to drip slow or fast. Anyway I think controlling faucet is a really hard work. My suggestion is to use a device like solenoid to hit water surface to simulate water drip. It is easier to control and its power is more than water drip. However if you want to hide a solenoid from interface it may be hard.

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