Final Project Proposal:P.L.P (Point.Line.Plane)

1. Description

The objective of this project is to create a kinetic and tactile interactive interface that consists of a set of moving wire units. Every unit has a cube embedded sensors and motors that enable the wire sense and move. Units communicate with each other. When one of units has been triggered by the user (ex, use the flashlight to spot the photocell), others move, too. A single unit is like a point, and the movable wire makes it a line, several lines construct a plane. The project aims to explore the miscellaneous ness of this simplest geometry in terms of tangible interface.

2. Sketches



3. Parts list

– Hardboard Laser Cut Structural Parts
– Wrapping Tube
– Copper Wire
– SMA wire
– LEDs
– 3 Photocells
– 3 IR Sensors
– 3 Microphones
– 3 1.5-4.5VDC Motors
– 3 L293 (H-Bridge)
– 3 LM358 (OP-AMP)
– 3 ATmega328 chips (Microcontroller)

4. Work plan

Week 1:
– Define the Interaction State Machine
– Integrate the Photocell, Microphone, and IR sensor with motors and SMA wires.
– Build the First Version of Single Unit (With Arduino Board)
Week 2:
– Add the Communication Part (between units, using LEDs and Photocells)
– Build the Second Version of Single Unit (With Arduino Board)
Week 3:
– Build 3 Units (Without Arduino Board)
Week 4:
– Build 10 Units

5. Related Project


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