Note: Images, sketches, etc to come… real soon now.


Controlling robots is sometimes hard to do, and often, the means to control them are complicated and have a steep learning curve. Commands are also easily forgotten and need to be looked up in a manual of sorts. Gestures on the other hand are easily remembered, and with some thought, can be mapped nicely to robot actions. This may have benefits in the field of Human-Robot Interaction.


The project will be divided into 2 parts. Part 1 is a gesture sensing glove, and part 2 will be a wirelessly controlled robot. The form factor of the robot has yet to be determined, but I am strongly leaning toward a bipedal robot with articulated arms (AKA, robopenguin).

The gloves will contain flex sensors and an accelerometer to measure approximate finger position and hand orientation. This will be converted into a feature vector, and using a frame based gesture recognition system, will be mapped to one of a finite set of gestures. This gesture ID will then be sent wirelessly to the robot, which will execute actions based on the gesture.

The glove will use an ATMega328 uController, a 74HC4051 multiplexer/demultiplexer, 5 flex sensors, an accelerometer and an XBee module. This will be built on a custom circuit board with predominantly surface mount components.

The robot will utilize 6 servos for actuation, an ATMega328 uController (maybe 2) and an XBee module.

Both components will support in circuit programming to enable quick changes to the software.

Components Required:

  • ATMega328 x2 [Already Have]
  • 74HC4051 x1 [Already Have]
  • Accelerometer [Already Have]
  • Flex Sensor x5 [Already Have]
  • XBee modules x2 [Already Have]
  • Misc Resistors [Already Have]
  • Misc Capacitors [Already Have]
  • Power supply [May Have, need to look]
  • Servos x6 [Have 5, need 1 more]
  • Printed Circuit Boards [Not Yet]

Rough Timeline

Week 1

Obtain components, design circuit boards, Start work on gesture recognizer

Week 2

Continue work on gesture recognizer, begin work on robot controller, order PCBs

Week 3

Complete Gesture Recognizer, Continue work on robot controller, Complete assembly of boards

Week 4

Complete robot controller, stuff mechanics into penguin suit, test, test, test, curse, test, test


One Response to “GestureBot”

  1. Vipin Vibhute Says:

    I am interested in Gesturebot, can u please help with stretch sensor details and how to reduce relaxation time of sensor

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