RFID Logic Puzzle

Hopefully I can present this Thursday, as I haven’t had time to do the “hardest part” portion since I thought of the concept. Also would like more time to think about the technological part.

The idea is a logic puzzle where the objective is to find the correct pattern, sort of like MasterMind. The game would be a box. There are multiple ways to insert a piece into the game box (pushing through a door, revolving wheel) and the Arduino will sense how the player added a piece. Then, RFID technology reads the piece as it slides into a holding area. This means a game can be based on order of pieces, order of insertion, or a combination of the two.

To be honest, I need to design a better use of the RFID reader. I just realized that the reader handles one at a time, and am working on a number of ways that pieces could be used inside or outside of the box.

The hardest part will be designing the mechanical parts of the puzzle, because it involves building the components and designing them so that they compose a game.

Update: got RFID reader and tags in the mail, used http://www.arduino.cc/playground/Learning/PRFID to get it working. Reads all 4 tags that I have currently.


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