Denzil Ferreira – Assignment 9 – Project proposal: UbiRing

UbiRing sketch

UbiRing - ambient notifier

All day long, we hear noise around us. Its cars passing by, people talking and shouting, all day long. And when we get home, there is one noise that we carry around with us: our cell phone ringtone! WHY?! We need to be always connected. But do we need to be annoyed by noise in our room/office?

Material you’ll need:
– Android phone
– Arduino duemilanove
– Arduino WiFi shield
– Coding skills
– Gears for building cool automata

Roadmap plan:
Week 1: Program communication between Android and Arduino
Week 2: Program Arduino DC Motor code
Week 3: Build automata ran by DC Motor powered by Arduino
Week 4: Testing and refinement.

More information in the presentation: UbiRing


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