Final Project Proposal

Project Statement
Ever dream of getting a massage anywhere and anytime? At the library, during a class lecture or in bed? That is my dream and I want to make it happen. I will design “Massage-Me,” a portable massager that consists of multiple vibration pads and a remote. When you stick these pads to any surface and apply pressure, vibrations will be triggered. Control the strength of the vibrations with a small remote. With “Massage-Me,” you control when and how you are massaged.

Scenarios to Consider
Here are possible scenarios that I will consider in the design and development of “Massage-Me”:
☺    My shoulder blades ache while I work at my desk.
o    Consider possible attachments to clothing + furniture.
o    Change vibration levels to only one or a few pads.
☺    I’m at lecture and I want a massage.
o    Quiet vibrations
o    Quiet commands to the massager
☺    Carrying the massager from home to school.
o    Pads must be small and portable

Implementation Concerns
☺    Remote: How to control the vibrations for each pad separately with a remote
☺    Materials: What materials should I use that are lightweight, durable, soft and protects the electronics built in the pad?
☺    Size: How big are the pads and how does its size connect with different parts of the body?
☺    Attachment: How to attach “Massage-Me” often without wear and without destroying the surface material
☺    Packaging: How to condense all the pads, batteries and remote so it is easy to carry and without damaging the electronics

Parts List (Subject to change)
☺    Attachments: adhesives and fasteners
☺    Cloth: neoprene, flat but flexible backing like vinyl

☺    Plastic or acrylic
☺    Fabric overlay

☺    LilyPad vibe board
☺    Vibration motors
☺    Infrared sensors
☺    External power source

Week 1
☺    Build two pad prototypes and a remote prototype
☺    Explore and finalize the materials
☺    Explore pad form, remote form and packaging
☺    Get materials + parts

Week 2
☺    Finalize the forms for pads, remote, and packaging
☺    Build a working prototype for two pads
o    Pads vibrate to human contact
☺    Have a remote prototype communicate to the two pads
o    Send commands to both
o    Send commands to only one

Week 3
☺ Build multiple pads, remote

☺ Finish coding and electronics

Week 4
☺    Finish the construction of the pads, remote and packaging
☺    Create presentation materials

Minimal Goals
☺    Have at least two pads that respond to the body and are controlled by a remote

Ideal Goal
☺    Have multiple pads whose form corresponds to the muscles of a human’s back
☺    Have these pads be individually and collectively controlled by a remote
☺    Pads, remote and power consolidates and fits into a backpack front pocket


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