Project Proposal – Remote Controlled Hexabot

The Idea:
I was really intrigued by the small hexabot robot Mark brought in earlier in the year so I thought it might be interesting to create a larger one.  Little to my surprise, there have been hundreds of these types of machines made throughout the years… many of them are REALLY COOL.  Regardless, I really want to make one.  As someone whos never really worked with robotics or electronics before, I feel like it will be sufficiently challenging for me to make and yet a reasonable goal.

The Build
I’ve already done a bit of research on the idea, and looked at a lot of other people’s designs.  So, I have a decent idea in how to actually build the thing.  Almost all of them use two servos per leg (totaling to 12 servos).  A lot of people have metal or plastic covers, but I don’t know where I could find that, nor do I really have access to a studio, so I am going to settle for thin plates of plywood.  I plan on basing a lot of my design on this website (it is very well documented and seems to also work very well).  I will also be referencing other hexabot creations found all over the internet.

After seeing Paul’s post on using a Wiichuck to control LEDs, I thought it’d be fun to have the hexabot controlled via this controller.

The Bare Mininum
-Create a hexabot that can move forward, background, left and right via control from the wiichuck in an organic manner.

The Ideal:
-Have another “free” state which would have the hexabot act on its own accord.  My initial idea is to have it search for shadow (avoiding obstacles as it does) and chill there until a loud noise causes it to scurry somewhere else.
-Enable the hexabot to move in the y-axis so that it may stand taller or slouch accordingly (I’m not sure how to get this to work… the only way I can think of is to have a 3rd servo on each leg).  I could also sync these motions to the wiichuck’s accelerometer.

The Plan:
Week 1: Order parts, settle on a final design and build, do sketches, do more research, decide on final functionalities… basically, figure out exactly what I want to do and have all parts ordered by week 2.
Week 2 (most likely this will flow to week 3): Build it. Create all physical parts and put it together.
Week 3: Program it! (I don’t think this will take very long as there is plenty of documentation for this type of robot and I’m pretty good at programming…).
Week 4: Can I create that second state?  Can I make it any… cooler?  Aesthetics and final touches.


One Response to “Project Proposal – Remote Controlled Hexabot”

  1. Muhammd Masood Zafar Says:

    I’m working on hexapod robot but have some trouble in cct diagram of voltage and current distribution for every servo motor so kindly send the cct diagram for robot or tell me about any possible solution

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