The “Cya Chair”




I want to design a chair which accommodates the needs to today’s practical jokesters. The Chair will have an IR sensor on the seat; this sensor will detect when the user is about to sit down. When the chair detects that it is in imminent danger, wheels on the bottom of the chair will throw it out of harm’s way to successfully dodge the person trying to sit on it. If the person does successfully sit down, then a speaker will yell obscenities at the user.




IR Sensor (maybe two)

High Speed DC Motor


Suspension (to not break the axle incase the user does successfully sit down)


A Chair


Plan of Action:

  • Week 1: Design motor mount to chair
  • Week 2: Attach motors to the chair
  • Week 3: Develop Sound system
  • Week 4: Testing and fine tuning

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