Building boards

After the crit, where someone (I think it was Mark) said something about having a room full of robots that respond to gestures, I decided that the GestureBot board (the thing that provides the brains for the robots) should be made as small but as extensible as possible. I managed to shove a uController, oscillator, ICSP header, 2 power supplies and an XBee radio onto a board measuring 1.65″ x 2.0″ (God bless you surface mount components), and provides 5 servo outputs. Since control can be done in code, the servo ports can be used as digital output ports as well (Just don’t connect power and ground together!). Power can either be supplied using a 2 pin external power jumper, or using a regulated 5V supply. I have a battery boost board done up that will take a single Lithium Polymer battery (3.7V nominal), and boost the voltage up to 5, which can then supply the GestureBot.

I’ll be sending the boards for production soon (a little behind schedule), and will be making multiple GestureBot boards, so maybe I’ll have a whole bunch of little robots doing weird things come demo day.

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