10. Work done so far

For this week, I have been concentrated on several things:
1. fix the information presentation part: done. Picked gift box as the idea to promote exercise. No computer or internet is involved. The application can be between wife and husband, patient and doc, etc.

2. make the gift box: half done and need some help. I used 0.1 plastic board as the raw material and cut the boards already, however, it seems like the material is too rigid and easy to break. So, I would like to switch to wood, but I am not good at using wood shop and making it.

3. make the user side pedometer: done. A pedometer has been hacked, so the switch can be used for my purpose. The sensitivity is good enough and the program is ready to run.

4. make the accessories of the giftbox and connections, including a shift register, 7 segment LED, 6 LEDs, 1 switch, 1 infrared sensor, 1 solenoid as linear actuator (done most. for the solenoid, if anybody has one and would like to sell, that will be great);

5. programs:
a. pedometer, for reset, counting, data transmission. The data transmission was hard since few, or should say too much info, could be found on line for Arduino and exact this purpose. Time has been spent on choosing the data type, format and way, so that the other side knows the beginning and the end, and also how much it is. Done
b. 7 segment LED. The prototype of LED works with code from the seller. Some more changes are needed to embed it in the final project. 90% Done
c. timing. Used in the previous project, so I think should be fine.
d. logic. working on.

Things not done:
a. need to make a wood giftbox
b. need a solenoid. I am going to order one if nobody here has for sell.

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