The goal of this project is developing “EMGH band”. EMGH band is a wrist band consists of EMG electrodes that recognize fingers and wrist movements, and, based on those movements animates a parametric model of waves in Grasshopper®. As an illustration rotating fist will rotate an object in Grasshopper®, waving fingers will create a wave motion on screen based on intensity of fingers motion.

Electromyography (EMG) is a technique for evaluating and recording the activation signal of muscles.

Grasshopper® is a graphical algorithm editor tightly integrated with Rhino’s 3-D modeling tools.

In order to achieve this goal, developing two frameworks is essential:

1- Hardware Framework

2 – Software Framework

Details of each framework and points that should be considered can be found below:

1- Hardware Framework

–  User movement

–  User muscles related to the movement react.

(Which muscle related to which movement?)

– EMG sensor reads the muscle impulse and output a signal not stronger than  miliVolt.

– Amplifiers amplify EMG sensor signal as an input for Arduino.

– Filters filter signal noises.

(How to filter different noises of different muscles and different movements?)

– Arduino reads amplified and infiltrated signals as analog inputs.

– Arduino sends read data to Digital Computer.

(Send data using cable connection or a wireless module?)

2 – Software Framework

– Arduino software store data in a text file.

– Grasshopper® reads values from text file.

– Grasshopper® animates the parametric model based on read values.

– Parametric model evolves on the screen in front of user based on Grasshopper output.

(Signal values should be processed in order to have meaningful information for parametric model. In which step data should be processed?)

The hardest part is improving and analyzing weak EMG signals and deriving information for parametric model from that data.

– Where the data should processed?

– What is the relation between separate EMG signals?

– How can separate information combined to simulate a movement like wrist rotation?

Here is the shopping list:

– Reusable EMG sensors (5 – 10)

– EMG sensors connection wires (same as sensors)

– Amplifiers (same as sensors)

– Arduino Board

– USB Connection for Arduino or Xbee Module

– Wires

– Wrist Band

Here is the project schedule:

Week 1

– Ordering sensors

– Developing the framework for transferring data from Arduino board to grasshopper

– Working on amplifiers and sensors

Week 2

– Working with EMG Sensor

– Working on amplifiers and sensors

– Interpreting EMG signals

Week 3

– Working on amplifiers and sensors

– Interpreting infiltrated amplified signals

– Finishing the software framework


– Assembling components

– Testing the product

– Enhancing signal interpretation

– Developing and enhancing parametric model

– (If there is a spare time) Adding wireless module

You can find in class presentation here:



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