RayMatic – Interactive Picture Frame

So, I almost completed the hardest part which was somewhat tricky. First of all, one of the core part of my project is making flash and arduino talk to each other. There were some issues like Mac/Windows, AS3.0/2.0, Flash CS3 vs lower, Mac versions, socket programming and so on. Finally, I made my arduino communicates with my flash program using serproxy. The data receiving is not super stable but thopefully  i will figure it out soon.
Second hardest thing is make the videos very natural. I have to put the short movieclips back and forth accordingly to users inputs and a small conflict can cause obvious awkwardness. I used myself as a model for this prototype but i am planning to use one of my friends as a model for the final one to make it more professional.

Upcoming plan:
Apply touch screen for setting menu.
Apply distance sensors and temperature sensors
Take videos of my friend as a model


One Response to “RayMatic – Interactive Picture Frame”

  1. I really like this idea! As we discussed in class, you could use the touch screen idea to interact with the actor in the picture, like poke yourself in the eye, or pet a dog, or something of the sort.

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