Massage-Me Mechanics

I’m building a portable massager. It is consisted of multiple vibrating pads that could be placed on most surfaces. When you lie back on the pads, you can get a personal massage from the vibrations.
The hardest part for me was to determine the wiring of multiple massage pads and how to control them independently and collectively.

Here I made two massage pad prototypes. Each pad’s vibration strength is controlled by a potentiometer.

Below are the forms of the four pads. To make the pads portable, they fit into each other.

Next steps:
-Plop the motor’s + wires to the finalized pad forms.
-Wire the two bigger pads
-Stuff the pads with cotton batting.
-Sew cloth and pleather over the pads.

2 Responses to “Massage-Me Mechanics”

  1. Looking good; digging the pad design.
    What are those motors, and what voltage do they run at? Those are seriously heavy-duty for vibration motors.

  2. It’s a 10mm Shaftless Vibration Motor. You can download the spec here:

    Overall, its pretty sweet. It very light (1.2 grams) and fast (12000 rpm).

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