Interactive Pillbox – Plan

The Goal

The goal is to build an interactive pillbox system which can be used as a notification system by the caregivers. Specifically, the idea is to enable caregivers to notify their patients that they have to take the medication for a specific day. To achieve this, the caregiver will send the pillbox an email instructing it to light an LED that corresponds to a certain day that they want their patients to take the medication for. Also, the pillbox must be able to send and email back to caregivers when the patient open a certain box. Finally, the pillbox needs to ad some interaction information such as whether the patient has flipped the pillbox to take their medication or not.

In order to do this, I will need to implement a Java Email server that is able to monitor incoming and outgoing e-mails. Also, I need to mount some electronic components to the actual pillbox in order to make the boxes covers act like switches. Moreover, I will need to add an accelerometer to the whole package in order to capture the flipping effect.

Plan and Timeline:

Week 1:

–       Buy the materials and tools

Week 2:

–       Starting programming the e-mail monitor program and email receiver

–       Build a test bed prototype. This includes a breadboard with a pushbutton connected in a pull-up resistor circuit. The purpose is to test the email monitor and sender programs

Week 3:

–       Start the programming on the Arduino board side and specifically test the wireless communication

–       Program the accelerometer and test it

–       Build the interactive pillbox system

Week 4:

–       Perform test cases on the pillbox and make sure its work (Take screenshots while you are building the box for documentation)

–       Start writing the documentation

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