This project was an experiment in LED art and learning how to work with an Arduino microcontroller. The idea is to blend organic with industrial by creating the water pump from wood and simulating water drops electronically.

How it works

With the use of a potentiometer (under the daisy faucet) one can cause the drops to fall more rapidly or slowly depending on which direction it is turned in. When fast enough, the LEDs should blink at a rate fast enough to appear as a steady stream. As there were many issues to resolve in designing and building this experiment, the other parts that were planned are not seen here. Future work will include optimized code, additional water drops to maximize Arduino’s capacity, refined craftsmanship, and an additional feature of a ripple effect once a drop “hits” a flat surface. The ripple effect will be created with electroluminescent wire.

Video: http://www.vimeo.com/8174540

Arduino sketch: http://code.arc.cmu.edu/~cheng/uploads/sketch_drip.pde

Final write up: https://mtifall09.files.wordpress.com/2009/12/mti-f09_drip_alicegrantham.pdf


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