Final Project Report – A Weight-Sensing Tote Bag

My project was a weight sensing bag. It helps people who carry a lot in their bags and improves on scales by providing constant ambient feedback and an automatic warning alert for excess weight.

How it works
It works by using a force sensitive resistor to measure how much the strap is pressing on the wearer’s shoulder, and using the value to control how fast LEDs pulsate, or how many LEDs have lit up (when a switch is pressed), giving the user feedback. When the wearer wears excessive weight (currently calibrated at approximately 10-11 pounds), the LEDs blink rapidly to warn the wearer. The entire apparatus is powered by an AAA battery and controlled by a Lilypad Arduino, which is attached to components by conductive thread sewn into the surface of the bag.

Design process is described in the Instructable

Arduino Sketch: ReadInput


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