GestureBots: Intuitive Control for Small Robots

GestureBots is a hardware platform that allows users to control small robots using gestures. Gestures are more intuitive and easier to remember than commands on a keyboard, and can be more expressive with minimal effort.
The GestureBot system consists of a gesture recognition glove and a series of GestureBots, which are small, microcontroller controlled and servo actuated robots. The system is standalone, and can be used without a computer. Communication between the glove and the GestureBots is conducted over a wireless connection, which provides flexibility in deployment and usage.

Full details of the project can be found in the paper: GestureBots

Schematics: Controller Schematic | GestureBot Schematic

Bill of Materials: Controller Parts List | GestureBot Parts List

Code: Controller Code | Example GestureBot Code

Images of the GestureBot System

The spoon-bot

Close up of the spoon-bot’s servomotors

The GestureBot Controller board and glove

I intend to carry out some of the future work specified in the paper, and this does seem like an interesting project to conduct a long term study on. More updates will be posted to (once the site is put up).


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