Dog wants to have fun.

Here’s an assignment that I never got around to documenting.

Check it out: (very straight forward)

Some Details:

A comment:
The bell crank did not work out so well, as it was very stiff. Next time, I would change the angle and choose a stronger material.

How to make it:
1. Laser cut on white cardboard silhouettes of a person sitting, a dog and a person standing.
2. Create the chair by making a wide but skinny rectangular box, and a cut-rectangle for the seat.
3. Create another box, same thickness and width, only shorter. Glue it to the seat, near the floor. This is part of the lever.
4. To create the fulcrum, I basically followed the photo from flying pig. Cut out two shapes with a whole punched hole, tube -in this case 3 wires squished together.
5. Next, make another small box and glue the two shapes on its sides. Put the wires through the holes and blue the middle of the wires to the second box you built. There’s your lever.
6. Glue the dog’s front feet to the edge of the lever. Since feet were small and fragile, I stuck them into a piece of cardboard (normal card-b) then glued that cardboard to the lever.
7. To create the bell crank, cut out the shapes shown in the video. Make sure you have two of each shape, because one piece of cardboard is not strong enough.
8. Put the straw through the wholes of your shape. Attach string from the legs to the straw for better tilting abilities.
9. Finally, give the sitter a fat surface by gluing a (random) shape to its butt. This way, it can actually sit.
10. Done! Enjoy your personal annoying dog.


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