HexaCrawler – Final Report


The HexaCrawler Hexabot is a six legged robot that is controlled via a Wii NunChuck.  The purpose of my project was to experiment and have fun with robotics.  As someone who has never done anything related to robotics, circuitry or machines (past what this class has taught me), I really wanted to find a fun way to learn first hand how these types of things work.  With that in mind, the purpose of this project is so that others that are in a similar situation as myself can go through the same educational experience and come out with a fun toy in the end.  HexaCrawler is easily reprogrammable and comes with basic, easy to understand functions so that users may customize and add to the robot.

Final Report: HexaCrawler – Final Report


Arduino Sketch:
Wii Nunchuck Documentation

Laser Cut Template:
Hexabot Template



6 Responses to “HexaCrawler – Final Report”

  1. hi great tutorial !
    but there is a fail to find the arduino sketch (hexapod)..
    Can you give us the new link to the sketch..
    than you

  2. Where I find the arduino sketch? The link is broken…

  3. i loved this project code plz

  4. Where I find the arduino sketch? The link is broken…
    Thank you.

  5. I’m definitely awaiting the latest features inside FCP 10.1!

  6. zingzhang Says:

    Hey all, sorry for the many year late reply… I happened to check back on this blog (nostalgia) and only just now noticed all of these comments. The files loaded for this course must have been deleted by CMU as its many years old. Luckily, I still have my old stuff from that class.

    Code is here: http://zhng.co/1fsiy

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