Wiring a complex LED thing

The hardest part of my final project turned out to be a crazy amount of LED wiring for the interactive element of my Interactive Beer Pong Table. Figuring out how to wire 18 tri color RGB LEDs together was not a problem, and made putting it together sound and look very easy. However, this was not the case especially considering it was my first time soldering ever. First tip I learned of soldering…get a good iron. Second tip, set aside a lot of time, patience, and probably a beer or two to deal with the frustration of the tedious task. Once all the LED’s were finally soldered together adding the right transistor was a bit of an issue as I first tried a MOSFET instead of the simple TIP 120 I ended up using. The MOSFET would have worked however I got a 10V one instead of the required 5V (thank you radio shack).

Anywho, it worked out as you can see below (and above in the final project post). And now i cant WAIT to solder like crazy sometime soon, quite possibly for MayurSASA’s 2010 Booth.


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