Build the Hardest Part

It may be too late too figure out the hardest part, yet, it is a good time to explain the hardest part of the Rhino Glove. Because, after a long process of loving and hating programming Arduino sketch for this project, I understand writing a proper code to handle 6 inputs as data and retrieve information out of them is a frustrating part of such a project. In my project, three bend sensors, with three different range of output has been used to help program figures out what accelerometer outputs mean. For example, bending index finger, as a result bending sensor related to index finger, should be interpreted as a trigger for extruding object. In addition, bending middle finger sensor should trigger the rotation control. However, when user moves one finger other fingers move as well, and bend sensors send data to Arduino, writing proper code to find user desired action out of three different bend sensor outputs is a very hard job to be done. Same, when user moves his hand in an arbitrary direction, Arduino can read three different values of acceleration, each for one axis, figuring out the exact movement of hand using these three stream of data is a difficult task. In fact, I found it hardest part to build. Unfortunately, I faced this problem in last phase of my project, which was demonstration. I have not yet found out a way to overcome this problem. In future, I will focus on solving this problem more dedicated.


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