Final Project Report (Rhino Glove)

The goal of this project is developing a wireless glove and a software framework to manipulate a parametric model in Rhino 3D. The glove reads user’s hand movement and gestures using mounted sensors on it. Then a LilyPad Arduino gathers sensors data as input, processes them, and sends them using a XBee module wirelessly to the computer. The software framework on computer gets sent data using another XBee module, connected to the computer. Finally, the framework translate data to information for controlling the parametric model in Rhino 3D.

Link to documentation:

Link to Arduino sketch:

Link to Grasshopper definition:

Link to video:


2 Responses to “Final Project Report (Rhino Glove)”

  1. OMG, been thinking/prototyping something up via a arduino+monome touch pad. keep us posted on how this project develops!

  2. Herculano Says:

    hi, amazing project. Unfortunately the links to the arduino sketch are broken. Could you make the sketch available again? thanks

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