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The Project:


A ceiling surface that adapts itself the current acoustic conditions of the room. The surface changes shape, orientation, and porosity based on the frequency, location and intensity of the sound waves occupying the space. The transformation is free form in the sense that there are not presets for a lecture or a social event instead the surface responds in real time to an average of acoustical data collected over the past minute.


Eyes in a box

Posted in 8. Finite State Machines on October 27, 2009 by Frank Scarola

So i made myself a pet… box… with eyes.  Named him “Eyes” (already have a pet box named Box). Eyes is a nice pet, lots of fun to play with, but only at night, he’s nocturnal you see…

Eyes has three states, sleeping, awake, and alarmed. A photo sensor on the exterior of the box tells eyes to come out and play, or hide while an infrared sensor tells him if someone gets too close.

sleep – everything off, light sensing only

awake- green leds (eyes) on blinking at a random interval

alarmed – “eyes” open and a blue led to shine a light on the object in range

Arduino Sketch: eyes_in_a_box

Interactive roller coaster?

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X means dig o.O

Posted in 5. Treasure Hunt on October 1, 2009 by Frank Scarola

Bend sensor 9.95

Fabric/stretch sensor 8.95

el wire 1.95/ft

alcohol sensor 4.95

solenoid 1.50

linear actuator 34.95

Fiber optic cable 15.95 + free shipping!

tiny potentiometer 00.28

conductive fabric 15.00

Thermochromic paint/dye 45.99

Nitinol / shape memory alloy wire 11.48 / 10′

Conductive paint 7.50

Neodymium magnets 8.71

copper tape 45.00

Tilt sensor 5.54

Peltier Junction 39.99

total 257.69


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Arduino Sketch: pulse


Arduino Sketch: color_mixer


Arduino Sketch: color_mixer___pulse


Arduino Sketch: potentiometer___lights

Flash those digits

Posted in 3. Digital Input-Output on September 20, 2009 by Frank Scarola

Binary and counter

Arduino Sketch: counter_and_blink


Posted in 3. Digital Input-Output on September 20, 2009 by Frank Scarola

Binary LEDs

Arduino Sketch: Binary_Switches