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Ambient Notifier

Posted in 10. Build the Hardest Part, 11. Project Final Reports on December 10, 2009 by Denzil Ferreira

I’ve managed to overcome the hardest part in my project, which was making an Arduino talk to my cell phone. In order to do that, I had to get an WiShield from Async Labs. Using their examples, I managed to create a Socket server that accepts phone events from the phone and actuates any sensor in the Arduino. On the phone, an event monitor was created, which listens for incoming calls. When an event that I’m interested occurs (in my case, ringing, missed call and new SMS), the phone application sends a message to the WiShield, which interprets what’s required and triggers the action on the Arduino board.

A question that got me thinking during my preparation for the demo was: “How do I get the Ambient Notifier to reset if I don’t want to call the person back?” Since there aren’t any switches, I resolved to capture the shaking movement on the phone, since it’s so popular for the undo and reset status on the iPhone.

Here you can find the source code for Arduino+WiShield side: Arduino Ambient Notifier

Here you can find the source code for Android side: Android Ambient Notifier
Here you can find my report: Ambient Notifier report
Here you can find my paper: Ambient Notifier paper
Here you can find a poster for my demo: Ambient Notifier poster

Here is a demo video of Ambient Notifier working:


Gears generator

Posted in Brainstorming on November 13, 2009 by Denzil Ferreira

I needed to create gears for my project, and I found this nifty website that generates and allows you to test gears.


Denzil Ferreira – Assignment 9 – Project proposal: UbiRing

Posted in 9. Project Proposals on November 5, 2009 by Denzil Ferreira
UbiRing sketch

UbiRing - ambient notifier

All day long, we hear noise around us. Its cars passing by, people talking and shouting, all day long. And when we get home, there is one noise that we carry around with us: our cell phone ringtone! WHY?! We need to be always connected. But do we need to be annoyed by noise in our room/office?

Material you’ll need:
– Android phone
– Arduino duemilanove
– Arduino WiFi shield
– Coding skills
– Gears for building cool automata

Roadmap plan:
Week 1: Program communication between Android and Arduino
Week 2: Program Arduino DC Motor code
Week 3: Build automata ran by DC Motor powered by Arduino
Week 4: Testing and refinement.

More information in the presentation: UbiRing

8 – Afraid of the dark

Posted in 8. Finite State Machines on October 23, 2009 by Denzil Ferreira

My LED is afraid of the dark. So he has 3 states:
– Relaxed, where he pulses in 2 seconds interval
– Scared, when it’s dark, blinking a bit faster 0.5 seconds
– Paranoid, when he detects movement
He goes back to relaxed state when the light goes back to normal or there is no moment.



Arduino Sketch: DenzilFerreira_A8_state_machine

Denzil Ferreira – Assignment 7 – Automata-Me!

Posted in 7. A Mechanical Automaton, Uncategorized on October 17, 2009 by Denzil Ferreira

This is a simple automata, that makes a picture (ME!!!) jump back and forward like a crazy man (not that’s not true ahah).

What I used:
– Foam
– Starbucks sticks
– Paper
– Plastic straws

I did try several gears to make an automata, but since I was using straws, it was hard to get the right rigidity for it to work 😦 Anyway, it was a great to fiddle around with hand-made gears and thinking about how to interconnect everything.

A video demo and afterwords the gallery of the steps I took until the final product:

Denzil Ferreira – Assignment 6 – Vigilant alarm!

Posted in 6 Form & Motion on October 17, 2009 by Denzil Ferreira

I’ve connected a servo motor and an IR sensor to the arduino to detect motion. The servo makes a dummy made of clay move from side to side, like as if it is scanning the horizon. Once motion is detected, the LED’s blink, like in an alarm.

Arduino Sketch: DenzilFerreira_A6

In-Class design idea: Cyclosprinter

Posted in 7. A Mechanical Automaton on October 14, 2009 by Denzil Ferreira

Yuebin and I came up with this design for enabling people to 3D print a fruit, exercise using pedals and generate energy for a power generator.

Yuebin & Denzil - design idea

Yuebin & Denzil - design idea