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Light Behaviors

Posted in 10. Build the Hardest Part, 11. Project Final Reports on December 15, 2009 by mzywica

Planar Pivoting (process origin – a mechanical automaton)

Mechanics (process)


Light Behaviors (final design)

Arduino Sketch: matthew_mtifinal_light_behavior


Light and Motion project proposal

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Matt Zywica, Ray Yun, and Mehrdad Ghods
As individual vehicles, coupled, or grouped compositions, a person is suspended by a harness within a hub-less wheel. The internal surface of the wheel is a pressure pad that multiplies your running rate by a constant, proportionally accelerating and decelerating your vehicle. The multiplier allows you to move at high speeds. Race as competitors or work together as a team of connected hubs to maneuver through large obstacle courses by learning to use the power of inner and outer vehicles to allow turns.

Ray Yun, Mehrdad Ghods, and Matt Zywica
Generate the rotational speed of a Merry-Go-Round by lashing a whip. Whip your horse for a quick ride!

Wood and Wire

Posted in 6 Form & Motion on October 15, 2009 by mzywica

Distance detection raises and lowers the pivot
The servo is quite fast, so the lowering motion is more like a drop, with the raising motion being quite delayed. I’ll have to work for more of a balance. Another solution would be to replace wire legs with a rigid material, but I was curious.

Sponge switch

Posted in 3. Digital Input-Output on October 4, 2009 by mzywica

Arduino Sketch: matthew_dio_part2

Arduino Sketch: matthew_dio_part3

Arduino Sketch: matthew_dio_mashup


Posted in 5. Treasure Hunt on October 3, 2009 by mzywica

Flex sensor 4.5″ $12.95

2″ Stretch sensor $8.95 utm_source=google&utm_medium=base&utm_campaign=jos

5′ El-wire $5.95

Alcohol sensor $4.50

Miniature push-type solenoid $1.20

Dual opposing solenoid (linear actuator) 54Ohms 24Vdc $7.00

Fiber optic cable 10m $7.98

500 OHM Linear potentiometer $0.75

Conductive fabric $12.95/lin ft

Thermochromic powder 25g $54.99

Nitinol .010″d $4.50

Conductive paint 4oz $29.95

Neodymium magnets 25 for $4.75

Copper tape 108linear ft $4.25

Non-mercury tilt switch $1.90

Peltier Junction 40mm 84 watt $19.95

Light Box

Posted in 4. Analog Input-Output on September 29, 2009 by mzywica

Arduino Sketch: matthew_aio_pulse

Arduino Sketch: matthew_aio_mix

Arduino Sketch: matthew_aio_pulsemix

Arduino Sketch: matthew_aio_prvalues