0. Tangible Bits: Towards seamless interfaces between people, bits, and atoms

1. A taxonomy for and analysis of tangible interfaces

2. Organic User Interfaces (scroll down for ten short articles in a special issue of Communications of the ACM magazine)

3a. Context-Aware Kitchen Utilities (2 page short paper)

3b. Gesture Connect: facilitating tangible interaction with a flick of the wrist

3c. CabBoots – Shoes with integrated Guidance system (2 page short paper)


One Response to “Readings”

  1. After today’s discussion, I thought about the taxonomy for tangible interface.
    1. No matter how good or bad the taxonomy is, it is true that, with the semantic, we have some kind of rules to refer to when we talk about a tangible interface; it makes communication easier.
    2. Is that possible that metaphor also includes chemicals, such as smell, sensation. Or it belongs to noun? Or it should lead to a 3D taxonomy with sensations?
    3. For TUI, is higher metaphor or lower metaphor preferred? Will the TUI as shown in “Iron man” (suppose it is true and belongs to tangible) improve efficiency or make you feel comfortable?

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